Author: Linda Brown

The Ultimate Closing War: What Stays, and What Goes After the House is Sold to the Buyer?

Arguments arise when it comes to what stays and what goes in the sale of a house. Fights have broken out over curtain rings, lighting, and appliances. It is important to be armed with this information, because you don’t want to let these things impact whether or not the buyer goes through with purchasing the […]

The Common Seller Struggle: Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling It, Or Leave and Price It As-Is?

Many homeowners wonder whether or not they should do perform work to their homes before selling. They hear so much about how certain renovations or touchups reap monetary rewards when it comes time to list the house. What many homeowners don’t realize is that just because you are adding to the house, doesn’t mean it will make you […]

You Can’t Always Win in a Bidding War, But Here Are Some Sure-Fire Ways to Lose One, If You Aren’t Careful

When its a prime home buying a selling season, and, if you are looking to buy in an area with low inventory and high demand, you probably are going to run into a bidding war. Read on: How to Find and Keep a Realtor You’ll Love – Zillow. How do you handle a bidding war on […]

Want to Find the Absolute Best Mortgage Rates For 2017? Read On to Find Out How To Get the Best Deals This Year

In order to find the best mortgage rates, you’ve got to do a lot of homework, and a lot of shopping around. The good news, is that according to real estate experts, 2017 is a great year to buy a home. Below are some of the ways to be sure that you get the absolute […]